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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We’ve made the decision to simulcast The Parent’s Summit because we believe parenting support happens best in community. We want to allow local communities to bring the content and quality of the Parent’s Summit event home to their local families.

The Parent’s Summit’s primary goals are equipping, encouragement and real resources for parents. Our speakers are engaging, intelligent, experienced and funny! Our keynote speakers for 2017 include Dr. Kevin Leman, a well recognized expert in parenting and teaching, Barnabas Piper, on staff with Lifeway leadership and experienced in parenting within the church context, and Liv Ryan, who speaks on adoption, parenting in trial and loss.

In addition, we have high quality worship and exceptional entertainment, highlight by Joshua Jordan, national touring illusionist and comedian. We’ll have a blast!

We partner with a professional production team and are dedicated to providing a high-quality, high definition simulcast feed for the duration of the Summit. You can expect scheduled breaks for local engagement, as well as a lunch break that provides great discussion time.

Also, we offer engagement opportunities during the Summit for everyone attending – whether live or simulcast – through Twitter. Plan to promote the hashtag #ParentsSummit17 to offer questions, advice and more.

Each Simulcast partner receives physical promotional materials, including posters, bulletin inserts and a . Each attendee will receive our event booklet, a Parent’s Summit nametag and any resource packets we put together for attendees.

There are no other requirements. We highly encourage partners to create and cultivate your own Resource Area.

We leave that – including the ticket costs – completely up to you. If you want to use an online tool like Eventbrite (we use Eventbrite for main campus) or iTickets, you are more than welcome. If you just want to sign people up like you might for a small church event, you can do that as well. You’re entirely free to use whatever system works best for your church.

We charge a simple fee of $20 per attendee, with a minimum of $500. The per attendee fee goes to offset event and simulcast costs, as well as provides for physical materials.

As a host site you choose how much you want to charge your guests for admission to the conference. Because the conference is a full day, you may want to provide an onsite lunch. You will want to include that in the registration fee.

In addition, there may be costs involved in promoting the conference within your area (for example, Host Site scholarships, banners, local printed pieces, regional marketing, postage, etc). However, each site is unique in how they approach their promotions and what expenses they incur.

In addition to the Senior Pastor/Leader, Host Sites will need a team of volunteers to promote, manage, and facilitate the overall conference experience. Seven essential leadership roles have been identified: registration, facilities, hospitality, prayer, program/worship, technical, publicity. Each role requires a different time commitment, focused months of involvement, and defined goals.

Yes. We simulcast to put this great content in the context of smaller, local communities, and believe that this should be churches.

We do require senior leadership at your church approve the simulcast – be that an elder board or senior pastor. However, you’ll find the most success in promoting and “selling” the Summit if your Senior Pastor and leadership team are excited and passionate about the Summit. Talk to him about the value!

The live webcast will be provided via a browser based video stream. A webpage link will be provided to the video venues to connect to the web stream.

Equipment required:

  • PC with Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher installed.
  • Broadband Internet connection.

It is recommended to use a PC with a faster processor and graphics card. Typically the faster the PC the better the video is going to perform. The PC should be connected to a video projector/screen and audio system for a church or large group setting. This PC should only be used to stream the conference.

You can test our streaming here. 

Kick-off for promoting the conference begins in November, with marketing materials available to you in October. We strongly encourage Host Sites to begin communicating with area churches and within their own congregations as early as September and October—to get the event on their winter calendars. Expect registrations to continue to come in right up until the conference. So, ongoing communication is needed with churches and individuals leading up to the event.